PS Jong

I am lucky to work with those talented and enthusiastic young actors from PSjong. Every performance expands my knowledge about Leiden and its inhabitants. “Dagdromers” it’s a great visual feast. Highly recommended!



October. 🍂 The wind blows so hard that the only right thing to do today is to jump on the bike and find a huuuuge sack of good coffee and share it with friends of course! May coffee be with You!




No official autumn yet but the temperature shows that yes, here it is. When it’s time to say “goodbye” to all the light, summer clothes, I look for such a colourful shelter and my mood jumps back to the requested level of optimism… 😀


Forgotten space

Yesterday I had a pleasure working with a very interesting actor. Pleasure was not only about taking photos, but about spending our time in that magic space, still smelling of the past and human emotions. Every bit of that place illuminated us with the perfect light and all shades of the fascinating colours. Amazing time. Thank you Tijs! 



After few busy and exciting weeks filled with empowering travelling, talks and meetings, it’s time to get back to reality… Nevertheless, it’s quite difficult because my head is still in the clouds hanging over the Atlantic Ocean…